Hiring welcome kit sender in Switzerland for Asian company.

  • Company: WM brands Ltd.
  • Job Location: Switzerland - Switzerland - Switzerland
  • Date: June 12, 2019 02:00
  • Employment Type: Any
  • Experience: Any
  • Job Functions:


Job summary

We are a Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) company seeking to hire someone in Switzerland to mail our welcome kit to our new customers.

Job description

Our hiree will be responsible for receiving a daily email with about 5-15 names to mail a small package with their Digital token / welcome letter, etc to. 

You will be provided everything via post, paid for postage, etc and must send everything out every day to the post office. It will only take a couple hours a day to package it all up / mail it out.

 Pay is 2000 CHF a month. 



Thank you.

Job qualifications

Must simply be organized, have good English skills, and be based in Switzerland.

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